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The Bigger Picture of Credit Scores - The Establishment The Bigger Picture of Credit Scores - The Establishment

An Establishment Class:

The Bigger Picture of Credit Scores

Do you know your credit score—or what it means to your entire financial future? If not, check this one out. Pick up strategies to keep your credit report and score in tip top condition, learn where to go with a credit issue, and up your game with by knowing exactly what your number is.

It can all seem confusing, and you might have heard lots of conflicting info about credit scores. Is it better to avoid credit cards all together? Ditch any cards that promise rewards? Obsessively pull your credit report?

Whether you’ve always been super responsible with your credit, have racked up a significant amount of debt, or are just trying to figure out how to boost your score, this class will serve as a primer for making the best of your situation.

So join our team of down-to-earth advisors to learn a thing or two, network it up, and know how your credit affects your overall financial situation.


In this class expect to learn:

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November 2021

Jim Ferrari

The Bigger Picture of Credit Scores


Online Class | 6:00PM - 7:00PM